RoboTournament is a RoboRally inspired game where players program their robots to vanquish their opponents.
RoboTournament features:
  • Multiple Game Types: Death Match, Rally, and Capture The Flag
  • Multi-Player through TCP/IP
  • Six weapons including the BFG
  • Map Editor
  • Wide variety of board elements
  • Integrated chat
  • Computer controlled robots for Rally and Death Match games

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    October 31, 2003 Robotournament is now easier to install and run! You can simply download an executable for your platform and play. This is made possible by tclkit and starkit technology from Equi4 Software. Source code can be extracted from any executable using Starkit Developer eXtension. A special thanks to Jean-Claude Wippler and all the tclkit contributors.
    January 20, 2002 Big News! Thanks to Erich Shubert, the 01.20.02 release of RT features CTF robot AI. Friendly fire is now an option for CTF games, and a new "Observer" mode exists. Also fixed some pesky bugs. This release should be the most stable and best yet.
    December 4, 2001 New version with resizable server (status) message area. Also fixed CTF game so it actually works. Although, still no Bot AI for CTF games.
    November 29, 2001 New version was available on 26th. It had some bug fixes, mostly with the "Invalid Card" error. Also, I made some minor updates to the online documentation.
    November 2, 2001 Well the insult code got done early, so I made a new release. Also, I'm trying out some new bot AI.
    November 1, 2001 Doh! I included a dumb core file in yesterdays tarball. I also made some minor tweaks and bug fixes. Steve has been working on some insult code that will give the computer controlled robots a little more personality. That should be ready next week.
    October 30, 2001 First public release. I know there are still some minor issues, but I wanted to get this out there so people could start really testing it. The game is stable and very playable. Bot AI needs to be improved, but is good enough for now.

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